Homemade Ramen Bowl

Ramen is a staple in our house- you can find us enjoying ramen almost weekly even in the summer. After many requests I’m finally sharing my recipe with you all but first let me give you a few tips.

1. You can make this work for you- lower the ginger, up the onions, use ramen noodles or maybe you prefer Udon.. this is not a set in stone recipe so I encourage you to take this as a base and turn it into your own.

2. You do not have to make your own broth. We do because we like lower sodium and we love the flavor homemade broth gives any soup, especially ramen.

3. Have fun! Create a “taco bar style” set up with all the fixings and let your family chose their fixings.

I’m not a fan of long blogs where you just scroll through until you see the recipe so let’s get this party started.

Ramen Ingredients

2 - 2 1/2 inches fresh ginger minced

3 garlic cloves minced

3-4 TBS toasted sesame oil

48 oz homemade or store bought broth

32 oz room temperature water

1 yellow onion cut In half and sliced thinly

1 packet preferred noodles (ramen or udon)

2-6 soft boiled eggs (about 8 minutes of boiling)





Shredded carrots


Mung beans

Boc Choi



1. In a large pot warm sesame oil and add minced garlic and ginger and sauté until fragrant (about 2 minutes).

2. Add broth, water and onions, bring to a boil.

3. Meanwhile, In another pot, begin to boil your eggs. I find putting 1 TBS of baking soda in with the eggs helps the peeling process. Cook the eggs for 8-10 minutes and remove promptly.

4. Meanwhile begin to cut up your fixings and prepare them for the soup. For our chicken, we use the chicken from the broth we make but a rotisserie chicken will do the job just fine. As a tip we typically shred 1 large carrot, cut about 4-5 mushrooms, slice 1 jalapeño and one egg cut in 1/2 for each person.

5. By now your soup should be boiling. Add your noodles and cook as directed- usually 6-9 minutes.

To Serve-

1. Use tongs to remove desired amount of noodles for each bowl to be served. Be careful because it’s very HOT.

2. Use a ladle to spoon out the broth and fill bowl about 3/4’s of the way.

3. Add your fixings! Chicken, veggies, hot sauce etc..

I know it sounds like a lot but its not I PROMISE!

Remember this is a base and you can take the base and make it what you want like we did!


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